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The main purpose of this site is to represent, as in our name, all energies. To develop, explain, and evaluate all the forms of energy that can power our world.

We have been expanding the scope of this site to include windpower, hydroelectric, and the various economic implications of these alternatives. The site also features an expanded treatment of biomass/biofuel along with our new LED lighting solutions. Please check out all our new additions, and email us with suggestions for expansion or improvements!

Along with general information and overviews of the topics listed above and to the left, we will also be adding information about our projects pertaining to those subjects. As always, our goal is to share our experiments and experiences with you, so that people can learn about these energy alternatives without having to build a hydroelectric power plant or windmill on their own. We hope, also, that by watching us experiment you can learn from our mistakes and join in our successes! If anything you find here on our website inspires you to attempt an alternative energy project on your own, then we have achieved our main goal.


The All Energies project began over three years ago, when we embarked on our first woodgas (syngas) project, the Mazda truck that ran on gasified wood chunks. We spent thousands of hours on this project and learned a lot about wood gas and different types of gasifiers. We built two separate experimental cooling systems for the gasifier and drove over 90 miles on wood gas.

Don't think that we have abandoned syngas as a fuel for vehicles; I'm actually planning another experimental vehicle as a future project. Now that we are a little wiser on the subject, we have created complete, trailer-based systems that contain: a gasifier, a cooling/filtering system, a generator, and batteries for power storage -- all mounted to a small vehicle trailer. In addition to gasifcation, the trailer-based systems can contain a solar power array and even tilt-up wind turbines.

For now the generator is the main focus of our work with biofuels. The generator runs on the gasses produced in a greatly choked fire, the fuel is almost anything combustable peach pits, walnunt shells, manure, etc.. The flammable gasses are Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon Monoxide. To get a suitable amount of these gasses, it takes specific conditions in the combustion chamber. To learn more about woodgas specifically, check out the About Woodgas page in the section dedicated to my Woodgas Truck.

Don't forget to check back often for updates, additional information, and photos!